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Background 2009
Silk fabric, wooden crate
80 x 160 cm
Nina Beier’s installation Background, like many of her works, concerns the presentation of works of art. The dark, greenish red, silkily shimmering piece of fabric serves as a background to another, smaller work, thus recalling the fabric wall coverings of paintings galleries. The elegance of the material underscores and in a sense elevates the picture in the foreground. This effect is, however, undermined by the material’s frayed edges and the wrinkles running through the cloth, which result from its being stored in the small wooden box that is part of the work. The fabric thus obtains its own presence, beyond its function as background.
At the same time, the fabric can also be seen as reminiscent of a theatre or circus curtain. Functioning as a background for circus numbers in the ring, the curtain arouses the curiosity of the viewers about which artists are waiting behind it to appear and what sensation it still conceals.


* 1975 in Denmark
Royal College of Art, London
Lives and works in Berlin

Selected solo exhibitions and events

Performance, Nomas Foundation, Rome
Monitor Gallery, Rome
Performance as part of L’Atelier est Mort, Vive
l'Atelier!’, Eastside Projects, Vivid and from Mona Casey and Grand Union, Birmingham Performance as part of The Object of the Attack, DRAF, London
De Vleeshal, Middelburg

Gallery Sora, Tokyo

Selected group exhibitions

Exercises in Seeing, Queensnails Projects, San Francisco
The Store, Artissima, Turin
Moon Star Love, Marcelle Alix, Paris
Momentum Nordic Biennial, Moss, Norway
Revolver, COCO Kunstverein, Vienna