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The Feast (I see what I eat, I eat what I see) 2009
Steel grating, motor, loudspeaker, amplifier
230 x 255 x 255 cm
As viewers approach the cage of fine-mesh steel, at first they hear only noises and scraps of conversation coming out of the rotating loudspeaker in the centre. Although invisible, someone or something seems to be running along the bars. The longer one lingers, the more clear the words become: ‘I see what I eat, I eat what I see.’
Although the technology in this installation is evident, and the voice is quoting a dialogue from the “Mad Tea Party” in Alice in Wonderland, it manages to cause a sense of discomfort. Whatever it is opposite the viewer that can only be heard appears to be at a safe distance, thanks to the cage, but it has the advantage that it can see us. Is it a hospitalized animal making its rounds in the cage and speaking to us like a mythological beast? Are we the feast to which its statement refers and the title alludes? Despite all rationality, we find ourselves in a situation that is very difficult to judge, in which what is said loses nothing of its threatening effect. This illusion, however brief, accounts for the fascination of the installation and confronts us in the context of the circus with the appeal of the danger of wild animals, which remain a threat despite their cages.


* 1976
1999–2005 sociology, philosophy, history at Universität zu Köln and FU Berlin
1997–1999 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf , with Tony Cragg
Lives and works in Berlin

Selected solo exhibitions

Planke, Praterstraße 48, Vienna
I and it, it and I, Galerie Opdahl, Berlin

Maschine, Parrotta Project Space, Berlin

Selected group exhibitions

Site Specific!, Kunsthaus Potsdam
State of the Art, Art Copenhagen
Continuous Perspectives # 2, Galerie Nusser&Baumgart, Leipzig
Aus der Tiefe des Raumes, Institut Rheinumschlag, Düsseldorf

11 Nullen, Danziger Str.146, Berlin
Kunst und Babys, Maxim, Cologne
dix-huit, espace surplus, Berlin
Mit Heissen Nadeln, Geh8, Dresden

Gott. Geld. Kunst. Kapital. – Public Kitchen / Werk Stadt Küche, Artneuland, Berlin
MASCHINE, Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart

Maschine, Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart
Into the Woods Tonight, Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart
Jeppe empfiehlt: Vorschub, Vorschub, Berlin
cinque, espace surplus, Berlin


The Feast (I see what I eat, I eat what I see)